In today’s modern world, nearly every single wireless electronic is now powered by printed circuit boards (Pcbs). First created by inventor Paul Eisler, printed circuit boards quickly became one of the most popular inventions of the 20th century, only to be revolutionized in the 21st century. Although Eisler is solely credited for the invention of printed circuit boards, their speculation and existence can be dated back to the late 19th century, however, it was Eisler who perfected them and managed to create a functional wireless radio. The following are the top 7 fun facts surrounding printed circuit boards.



Where They Get Their Color From


The color of the typical printed circuit board is usually dark green, but not because it needs to be. In fact, the printed circuit board appears green due to the color of the solder mask, which was first created by using a dark green resin. Today, printed circuit boards can be made in any color, but most pcb manufacturer prefer to stick with their original color as it has become somewhat of a trademark.


What They are Used For


Although printed circuit boards are widely used around the world, not everyone knows exactly what they are and what they are used for. Generally speaking, printed circuit boards are used in nearly every wireless electronic, and anyone who has a cell phone has a printed circuit board on them nearly at all times.




Pcb Schematics Are Made by Using CAD


Printed circuit boards might have a physical shape, but they are actually designed online by using CAD (computer aid design). This is necessary as one can test their efficiency online before assembling them.



They are Wireless


One of the reasons printed circuit boards were so revolutionary back in the 20th century was that they did not need wires to conduct electricity. Instead, printed circuit boards generate power by means of copper traces and electrons.


They Cannot Be Fixed If Broken


Using CAD to develop printed circuit boards is necessary due to their inability to be fixed should they encounter a problem in their traces or components. Using CAD eliminates the chances of schematics errors, which is why it is widely used.



They Were First Used by the Military


Before Pcbs became available to the public, they were generally used by the military and NASA. The military used printed circuit boards to create wireless radios, with the help of Eisler, which greatly helped them have the upper hand in WWII.


It is Cheaper to Buy a Pcb Than to Make One


People who make their own Pcbs either do so as a hobby or a career. This is because making a Pcb can cost a lot more than having one made by a pcb manufacturer.