Top 5 Apps Every Smartphone User Should Download

When printed circuit boards were first invented, there was no way of knowing just how much the technology would expand in such a short amount of time. Presently, nearly everyone in the modern world is a Smartphone owner and is seamlessly attached to their device. Thanks to circuit board design, Smartphones have been created to help simplify the lives of their owners. While most Smartphone users rely on their devices to communicate with others, there are also many other benefits pertaining to these devices. Smartphones are well-known for their applications, as they can help organize or entertain the typical mind. The following are the top 5 apps every Smartphone user should download.

Google Maps


Back in the day, getting lost in the middle of nowhere was a very common and hated ordeal. Today, however, getting lost is extremely rare, especially when one has a Smartphone. One of the best and most-used apps is Google Maps. Google Maps can help someone find their way home from any location, while factoring in traffic hours, construction zones, and many other obstacles. With the Google Maps app, one can find their way to nearly any destination as long as it is recorded.



In today’s modern world, knowing more than one or two languages is ideal. This is because travelling and meeting foreigners can easily become a daily activity. A great application to download is the one of Duolingo. Duolingo allows people to learn a different language through a series of exercises. While it may not make them completely fluent in the language, it can help them learn the basics or maintain their fluency.



Another great application to download is the one of Myfitnesspal. The Myfitnesspal app is amongst one of the most downloaded apps in the United States of America, and this is because many people battle with their weight and want to improve their habits. Myfitnesspal helps people track what they’re eating as well as log in their exercise regimens.



It has been stated on many different accounts that cash and credit cards may soon become a thing of the past. This is because the modern world is advancing and needs to find an alternative currency. In the future, apps like Paypal and other internet payments options are going to become one of the most used methods of payment. Paypal is a good app to download because it allows one to transfer money from and to their bank accounts. 





In order to learn how to properly budget one’s income, app designers have come up with an app called BillGuard. BillGuard is great for people who have trouble saving money or spending wisely. This app can directly connect with some online banking options and help advise users on how much to save and spend on a daily basis.