Mac or Windows: A List of Pros & Cons

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Anyone born into the modern world knows just how popular it is to debate which computers are better — Macs or Windows. However, most people are usually biased, as they were raised on a certain type of interface and prefer that system without ever having tried the other. For many people, the fact that Macs are better is indisputable, but for others, Macs seem to look more complicated than Windows due to them having been created with a more complex pcb design software. The following is a list of pros and cons pertaining to Macs and Windows.

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Mac Pros:

Great Customer Support

One of the most underrated reasons people love Macs so much is Apple’s excellent customer service. Those who work for Apple are well trained in their devices and can extend a helping hand to any Mac owner.

Easier to Switch Between Two Operating Systems

Macs come with a built in program that allows the installation of a wide range of operating systems. More than that, doing so is incredibly easy when compared to doing the same task on a PC.

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More Compatible With Apple Products

Today, most people use iCloud or own an iPhone, which makes using Apple products and softwares a lot more compelling. However, Apple products work best when paired up with a Mac.

Better Interface

If there is one thing that sets Macs apart from Pcs, it’s their sleek design and gorgeous interface. In fact, most people cannot go back to using Windows after having gotten used to Macs, as they are extremely easy and pleasing to work with.

Less Prone to Viruses

On top of all this, Macs are a lot less prone to accumulating viruses due to their smaller base.

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Mac Cons:

More Expensive

One of the reasons some people do not like Macs is they are generally more expensive than PCs are. On top of that, Apple has less computing options than Windows does.

Windows Pros:

Wide Selection of Models

Windows come in many different models, all of which have different price ranges. This can make getting a laptop a lot more affordable.

Better for Gamers

Another reason people love using Windows is because it is absolutely compatible with various gaming consoles and devices. In fact, most gamers are going to choose to work with Pcs over Macs for this exact reason. Cons They Don’t Last as Long When a person purchases a Windows computer or laptop, they can expect it to last for up to 3 years. While there are some people who take extremely good care of their devices resulting in them outliving this deadline, most would agree that Windows computers don’t last as long as Macs do.