How to Create a Circuit Board Design

 circuit board design

Creating a circuit board can be very easy should one be experienced in the department, and can be immaculately designed with a proper circuit board design software. However, should someone be dabbling with circuit boards for the first time, having a mentor is advised, as making one small mistake can render the circuit board (CB) useless.

The Schematics

The first step in fabricating a CB is knowing what type of circuit is going to be used. To facilitate this task, one could look up circuit board designs online, or create their own design schematics. Once the proper circuit has been chosen, and an adequate PCB design software downloaded, the process can commence.

Drawing the Diagram

 circuit board design

Once the schematic diagram has been transferred into the chosen software, it is time to draw the board layout. This step can take some time, and requires precision, which is why it is often seen as an artform.

Many PCB softwares are familiar with the struggles that one faces when drawing a board layout, and will offer tutorials on the matter. Also, these programs are well equipped with necessary tools and come with design guidelines.


Once the design has been finalized, it is important to double check its dimensions. Since most CB’s are going to be installed in a box, finding out if the design is going to fit inside of it is a given. To ensure that the dimensions are compatible with the box, print out a copy of the design and use this version to test out if the width, length, and height. Keep in mind that the box also needs enough room to host the CB’s connectors.


 circuit board design

When the dimensions have been confirmed and the CB’s design has been double-checked, it is time to get it ready for manufacturing. To do this, make sure that the board layout has been converted to Gerber files, and then conduct an online search to find an inexpensive and reliable PCB manufacturer that can get the board made in a timely manner.

 circuit board design

There are many PCB manufacturers to choose from, some better than others, which is why it is advised to perform an adequate search before committing to a supplier. Some people have been known to build their own PCB’s, however, this can take time and end up being just as expensive as having it made by a professional. Depending on the complexity of the PCB design, having it manufactured can be very affordable, which is why this is the most common option. Also, the creation of PCB’s required harmful chemicals, some of which aren’t ideal to keep at home and aren’t eco-friendly. For the best results, bring PCB designs to a local manufacturer and have it made with utmost precision.