Circuit Boards Through the Years

circuit boards

Circuit boards have turned into one of those technological advances that people can't live without; they are used in countless devices that a lot of people depend on every single day. (What would anyone do without their smartphone?) It wasn't always that way, though. There was a time when today's circuit boards weren’t even a faint thought yet. Thankfully, they have evolved into the technological marvels they are today. Here are a couple basic milestones of the circuit board and what it might bring in the future.

circuit boardsIn the Beginning There Was Something Like a Circuit Board

Some of the earliest precursors were metal pegs screwed into a wooden base. Wires were used to make connections and wound in and around the pegs, often at funny angles just to make the right connections. Due to their sizes, these electrical to mechanical wiring systems were used for large machines and devices. Doing a quick wiki search for wire wrapping will provide a good idea as to how messy these early systems looked once all the connections were made.

The Cutting-Edge Technology Hits a Stride

As technological innovation found its footing, devices requiring circuit boards became smaller, which resulted in the need for a better, more compact design. Better materials were also becoming more available, including the non-conductive substrate of fiberglass. Automation was also a big factor in being able to roll out circuit boards in massive quantities, meeting market demands and keeping up with the simultaneous boom in smaller electronic devices.

circuit boards

Hopes for the Future of Circuit Board Production

These handy units keep getting smaller, and that's a good thing. Maybe someday a device that originally required a sizeable circuit board to operate will be able to run on something the size of a microchip. Think of the possibilities with something that small – they are endless.

circuit boards

There are also those in the industry who would like to see a shift toward using materials that are less harmful to the environment. Until then, everyone will most likely see more of the trend that focuses on big function in small packages.

Circuit Boards Are Here to Stay

Even with daily strides in the tech fields, there will always be a place for circuit boards in everyone’s lives. They might keep getting smaller, but their roles in technological advances will only increase. Thanks to circuit boards, people are able to operate everything they take for granted with ease – vehicles, appliances, TV's, phones, radios, and many other electronic devices everyone thinks nothing of on a daily basis. There are high hopes for the pcb industry, and it will most likely continue to deliver new ideas and amazing innovations.