Jobs Where Machines Have Replaced Humans

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While there are many wild sci-fi movies set to the plot of machines taking over the world, there is a certain sense of reality behind the stories. Many Americans fear for their own jobs in a day where the machine is becoming more and more versatile printed circuit board assembly. Machines are now able to do jobs faster and with fewer mistakes, needs or complaints than the human employee.

The Factory
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During the industrial revolution, the idea of process started to cement itself into manufacturing. Companies looked for faster and more efficient ways to get their products to market. Early on, human labor was cheap and there were no other options, so the assembly line was formed. Now, however, machines have taken over much of the average assembly line and many jobs are automated. The factory has printed circuit board assembly machines, bottle capping machines, labeling machines and even machines that inspect products for glaring errors. Most of the human jobs left in the factory including management jobs, machine maintenance and final inspection.


Large companies are now using bots to move products around their warehouses and get them prepared for shipments. Amazon is one of the biggest companies to use bots to do the legwork that would normally be done by forklifts and drivers.

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The bots are specially programmed to go on the most efficient routes for the day and not crash into other loads. Amazon is working on drone delivery to cut out their need for human shipping processes.

Logging, Reporting and Computing
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Computers have recently been the resource used to calculate sums, make estimations, track success rates, compare results and more. However, much of this brainpower work was once done by people. Machines have taken away the need for educated and trained people to be in these positions. Now, even the assistants and entry-level workers are able to do this kind of computing with the aid of a computer to help control the accuracy and speed the process.

Physical Product Production

Books, magazines and newspapers have lost a lot of steam over the years due to technology. Today’s average newspaper is struggling to stay funded because more and more people are going onto the web to discover the latest news. Some libraries are closing down or changing how they offer their available materials because fewer and fewer adults are reaching physical books.