High Volume Requirements for Some Production Houses

 printed circuit board assembly

When companies need a product or prototype created, they don’t always need a big order. However, for manufacturers to operate at a solid profit and still keep costs low enough for the company ordering the products, they often require large orders or orders of a minimum size. Companies have to check into the costs involved for specific order sizes to make sure their items are not going to cost more than they can afford.

Promotional Materials

Companies that want to order pens, bags, t-shirts, note pads, magnets and more can get customized versions from companies online. Many cheaper products have minimum order requirements and items get cheaper with larger orders. Promotional materials can be used to boost customer engagement and improve brand recognition. These promotional products are most often used at trade-shows, festivals, community events and other in-person events.

Product Parts
 printed circuit board assembly

Items that are used to compose a larger product, such as printed circuit board assembly (PCB), hardware, motors and more, are typically purchased in large quantities from a manufacturer. For certain projects, especially project testing, smaller orders might need to be made, like purchasing prototype PCB for project in the early phases of development. Building a relationship with a manufacturer often helps this process become smooth, fast and inexpensive. Without a continued relationship for big orders, businesses might be limited in their printing options for small orders.

Printed Materials

There are different methods used for printing materials. Some projects can fit in a jet printer and such items can be produced quickly and in small numbers. However, companies that want to print larger format, especially if they want press color and quality, have to order in larger batches. Companies have to order a large enough print order to make it worth the offset price of creating the plates.

Wholesale Products

 printed circuit board assembly

Many retailers slash their individual product prices by purchasing huge amounts of wholesale products at a low price per unit. The larger, national stores are usually able to create a larger sway with manufacturers and get better deals for their very large orders of projects.

 printed circuit board assembly

This also protects the stores from having to fight over whether or not a consumer can purchase at wholesale cost – most companies only offer wholesale prices to companies who are going to make very large orders.