Why Recycling Circuit Boards is Important

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As circuit boards quickly become one of the most widely manufactured items in the world, they are also one of the most widely discarded ones. As electronic devices change and evolve, consumers discard their old stuff and buy new items. Electronic waste has the potential to create substantial problems. Fortunately, there are many good uses for old circuit boards. pcb fabrication

One of the best ways to recycle an old circuit board is to sell it to s crap metal buyer. Circuit boards contain precious metals that are worth money on today's commodities market, and even if selling them as scrap doesn't bring much profit, it's a highly preferable alternative than simply throwing the circuit board away and ensuring that it will end up in a landfill. Circuit board contain gold, silver, copper, and palladium. The older the circuit board is, the more of these precious metals it is likely to have because modern PCB fabrication technology has streamlined the process of creating quality circuit boards. pcb fabrication

Another way to use old circuit boards is to turn them into sculpture or to donate them to an artist who does. There are a handful of modern artists in various worldwide locations who are creating sculpture with circuit boards and other electronic waste. There are also small companies that recycle used motherboards by turning them into practical products such as business card cases, cufflinks, coasters, tape dispensers, and mouse pads. As more and more used circuit boards become available as a result of mass consumerism, more of these companies will undoubtedly spring up. Old circuit boards can also be repurposed for use in other devices. pcb fabrication

The importance of decreasing the amount of electronic waste generated by consumers as well as by corporations cannot be stressed enough. Electronic waste can leak dangerous toxins into the environment, ultimately affecting the soils in which food is grown as well as the quality of the groundwater. Besides precious metals, circuit boards also contain compounds such as lead, arsenic,mercury, cadmium, chronium, barium, and many other potentially toxic substances, all of which pose various dangers to the environment as well as to human health.

Those who don't wish to recycle their electronic equipment themselves can nonetheless take their old devices to a place that can properly dispose of them. Fortunately, most county and municipal landfills offer these alternatives to members of their communities.